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ARTS LEGAL calendar is an essential tool for managing your day-to-day activities. It helps us keep track of your tasks, deadlines, appointments, and other important events in the legal industry. By using our calendar, we can plan any deposition, weeks, and months in advance to ensure that we don't miss any important deadlines or appointments.



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As a Court Reporter, you can access your portal with just one click. With the portal, you can easily manage your schedule. The portal is available 24/7, so you can access it from anywhere at any time.  

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If you need to contact us regarding any legal matter related to the ARTS, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Arts Legal

3343 Peachtree Rd NE 

Ste 145-270 Atlanta, GA 30326


1(800) 579-3932 Ext: 2


Cell: 478-412-4696


Arts Legal Terms of Service


These numbers are used for communication via text.  Texting will be used for support messages and Texting is primarily used for sales and customer support follow-up when a customer has initiated texting or given verbal consent to text.


Arts legal: 478-412-4696 

Arts Universe: 404-855-2932 

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